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Renting from KBB Music Makes Sense

At KBB Music, renting an instrument is a pleasant and positive experience with the utmost dedication to ensure your child loves the instrument he or she is playing.

What Sets KBB Music Apart from the Rest

KBB Music operates one of New Zealand's largest and best-maintained musical instrument rental fleets which is continually refreshed with new instruments, replacing ones that fall below our quality standards. There may be cheaper rentals out there, but we are confident that we can provide you the best instruments and backup service!

We present every instrument in optimum playing condition which ensures the best opportunity for you or your child to succeed. All instruments are professionally set up by KBB Music's team of experienced and dedicated inhouse technicians. For our Deluxe Rental Plans, rental prices include servicing and maintenance if required.

If you wish to purchase your brass, woodwind, percussion or stringed instrument, we will apply up to 12 months' rental towards the purchase price. If you wish to purchase your keyboard or digital piano, we will apply your first three months' rental towards the purchase price.

Rental Instruments  

KBB Music has an extensive range of excellent quality instruments available for rental including:

Woodwind: Flute, Piccolo, Clarinet, Saxophone, Oboe, Bassoon*, Bass Clarinet*, Baritone Saxophone*
Brass: Trumpet, Trombone, Cornet, French Horn*, Euphonium*, Tuba*
Strings: Violin, Viola, Cello, Double Bass*
Keyboard: 61-Note Touch Sensitive models
Digital Piano: 88-Key models
Piano: Upright acoustic piano
Percussion: Snare Drum

* Subject to availability and six month minimum rental period.

Quality KBB_brass_and_wind_instruments

Give your child the best start by playing with the best quality instruments. KBB Music’s extensive experience in rental has resulted in our offering excellent, modern, quality instruments. All our instruments are thoroughly checked, tested and maintained by KBB Music’s own workshop technicians.

Please beware of cheap new instruments. They may look good at the start, however in our experience they almost always fail quickly, often within a couple of months. Repairs to these instruments are nearly always unecomonical, and by the time the instrument is given back to your child, they may have already lost interest.


If you choose to buy, KBB Music offers up to your first year's rental off the purchase price of your instrument*. You can even apply up one year's rental rebate to an upgrade instrument.
*Talk to us for full terms and conditions.


KBB Music offers flexible plans to suit every need. Choose from Budget or Deluxe rentals; Monthly, Half School Year or Full School Year plans. You’re always in control!

Servicing and Repairs

KBB Music employ our own team of qualified specialist technicians. By keeping repairs in-house, we are able to offer fast repair times and a high standard of workmanship. If your instrument is in need of repair, we can offer an exchange or loan instrument until yours is repaired.

Servicing is included in your rental when required.

Instrument Protection

Optional KBB Music Instrument Protection is recommended for your peace of mind. It gives you full cover for fire, theft and damage with no excess on most instruments (the exceptions are violin, viola, cello and double bass). So whether it was run over by the car, left on the bus, stolen from outside your home, you are covered!



All instruments at KBB Music are carefully cleaned and serviced before they are rented out to protect all players.

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Instrument Rental Plans

Monthly Plan

Great for new students and beginners. Your child can play a top quality student instrument while you assess their continuing interest in playing. You only pay for what you use - one month at a time, with a minimum of three months.

Half School Year Plan

Ideal for beginning to intermediate students. You rent at a discounted rate until the middle or end of the school year. The first rental period ends on 30th June, the second rental period ends on 15th December. Enjoy the convenience of paying once at the beginning of your rental. If you wish to carry on renting, simply renew at the end of the rental period.

Full School Year Plan

A great solution for intermediate to advanced students. You rent at a heavily discounted rate for the whole school year (ending on 15th December). Excellent for year long school programmes.

Flute flattened by car

KBB Music Instrument Protection

KBB Music recommends the optional Instrument Protection available with your rental instrument. It covers accidents or loss for the entire duration of your rental period that may not be covered by your household insurance.

KBB Music Instrument Protection offers:
- No excess fee (except for stringed instruments)
- 100% protection in the event of fire, theft, total loss or major damage. See KBB Music Rental Agreement for more details.

Consider the following:
- Your insurance may not cover a rented instrument and when the instrument leaves the house
- What is the excess for each claim?
- Will your householders insurance cover a rental instrument?
- Will your householders insurance cover damages that occured outside of the home (at school, on the bus etc)?
- The cost of a single repair can easily exceed 12 months household insurance premiums

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Common Questions

How do I rent an instrument?

Complete a KBB Music Musical Instrument Rental Agreement and Direct Debit form and return it to us. Instruments can be picked up from KBB Music or we can courier it to you. After you make the initial payment, further payments are made by Direc Debit. Payments will stop when you return the instrument.

How do I renew my plan?

We contact all Half School Year or Full Schol Year plan holders to remind you when it is time to renew. If you continue to rent, a direct debit will be charged to your bank account.

How long can I rent for?

You may rent for as long as you like! Simply keep on paying Monthly, Half or Full School Yearly, according to your choice of plan.

What if I want to buy my rented instrument?

Should you decide to purchase at any time, you will get up to your FIRST YEAR's rental off the instrument (excluding Instrument Protection and Service Package). This means that your first 12 months' rental is FREE if you buy!* If you decide to buy a used instrument, half of the rental entitlement applies*. For Keyboards and Digital Pianos, the first three months' rental can be put towards purchasing the instrument.  
* See KBB Music's Rental Agreement Form or talk to us for terms and conditions.

What choices do I have if I buy?

You may choose from ANY instrument within the same type. We always have a large range of new and used (workshop checked and warranted) brass, woodwind, stringed instruments, pianos and keyboards to choose from.
* Terms and conditions apply. Talk to KBB Music for full details.

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