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Nuvo Clarineo Self Teach Pack - Electric Blue

The Nuvo Clarineo has been carefully-designed to make it easy for children and beginners of all ages to learn quickly - a perfect stepping stone from recorders! In the key of C and designed by experienced clarinet teacher Graham Lyons, Clarineos come in four funky colours.

The Clarineo is a fully chromatic woodwind instrument spanning 3.5 octaves, from E below middle C. It comes with "speakeasy" Nuvo plastic reeds which beginners find mucn easier to work with and which are resistant to damage. Of course cane reeds can be used too. It has an easy action cam ligature with a location slot for perfect reed positioning. The Clarineo is pitched in C so that music for piano, guitar, flute, recorder etc can be used. Whilst the fingering system is based on that of a Bb clarinet, you will notice that the Clarineo is MUCH lighter and the tone holes are smaller and closer together. This makes it a lot easier for younger children to learn and encourages them to practise more.

The Clarineo features:

- In Key of C

- Super lightweight body

- Sturdy plastic body that is almost indestructible

- Almost no maintenance required

- Simplified keywork

- Fully chromatic 3.5 octave range

- Perfect for young children wanting to learn an instrument

- 4 funky colours: white with Electric Blue, Lime Green, Rubine Red, or Black with Silver.

The Clarineo Self Teach Pack includes:

- Your Clarineo

- Stylish padded carry case with carry strap

- DVD with instructions and learning tips

- First Steps method book by Graham Lyons

- CD with backing tracks

- Mouthpiece cap

- Laminated fingering chart

- 2 Nuvo plastic reeds plus 1 natural reed

- Pull-through cleaning cloth
NZ $229.00
incl GST

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