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Altus AL RBE0-S

Also known as the Altus Limited, this model is the culmination of the work of Shuichi Tanaka, President, designer, and maker of Altus flutes. The "Altus Silver" flute presents its own unique sound with full tonal colour spectrum and unparalleled centered projection - the perfect marriage of vintage French flute tradition and modern innovation.

The Altus AL's headjoint, body and foot are made of Altus' exclusive Altus Silver. This alloy consists of 94.6% silver and 18 other precious metals, including small amounts of platinum and gold. It possesses many of the rich tonal attributes of the old French master flute makers, most notably Louis Lot's famous flutes. The tubing is made from a flat piece of metal that is rolled and seamed, instead of the standard extruded tubing, and the tone holes are hand soldered to the body. This allows the metal's molecular structure to remain intact. The unique response and flexibility of flutes made in this way can only be fully realized through personally test-playing and listening to their complex colors.

The Altus AL's headjoint features the New Altus Z-Cut and hand-carved lip plate. This cut has a more rectangular shape and minimal over and undercutting which produces a quick response without sacrificing agility. It offers full projection over the entire range of the flute and a darker more dramatic tone colour.

The keywork features a C# trill key, low D# roller, gismo key, offset G, split E mechanism, open hole keys and French pointed key arms all made out of solid .925 sterling silver and held in place with extraordinarily hard .997 sinterized silver posts.

The Altus AL comes complete with a rich leather covered wood frame french case with leather wrap-around cover and micro fibre cleaning cloth and rod.

This incredible flute is backed up with a 1 year warranty and a free pre-purchase service from our internationally qualified in-house technicians.

Ask in-store about our Rocksure Performance Warranty

NZ $19,995.00
incl GST

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