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Altus PSD Flute

The Altus PSD flute offers exception handcrafted workmanship. It features a .997 ALTUS Silver™ headjoint and body. ALTUS Silver™ is a patented invention of ALTUS. Practically pure silver, hardened in a specific procedure and, with its high density, approximating the capacity of sound of a gold flute without losing the brilliance and clarity of the silver tone.

* .997 ALTUS Silver™ headjoint and body
* .925 Sterling Silver mechanism
* Drawn tone holes with a special soldered C# tone hole and C# trill
* Split E
* Open Holes
* B Foot
* 1 Year Warranty

Ask in-store about our Rocksure Performance Warranty

Trials available.


NZ $11,395.00
incl GST

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