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Nuvo jflute Black


Fully adjustable curved head joint

Offset G

Weight 235g

Left index finger and right thumb comfort pads

Plays down to D

Upgrade option. Add straight head and foot joint

Detachable left hand key extensions

Standard easy blow lip plate

Removable lip plate system

Firstnote lip plate

Locked but adjustable plug and crown

100% waterproof

O-ring seal on head joint tenon

Bayonet fit body extension

Removable silver coloured key caps

Silicone rubber self-sealing pads

Stainless steel rods

Stainless steel hex head adjusting screws

Cleaning stick and pull through cloth

O-ring grease and instruction leaflet

Semi-hard case with carry strap

Tool kit
NZ $290.00
incl GST

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Pearl 9701RBE Maesta Silver Flute

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