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The Maesta series is at the heart of the Pearl handmade flutes and has been the jewel in Pearl flutes crown for many years.  Maesta originality is shown in the use of "Pristine" Silver (.970), which offers an astonishing projection of sound when compared with traditional .925 Sterling Silver. They can be fashioned using traditional soldered tone holes or contemporary drawn tone holes. .
The Pearl Cantabile series makes use of traditional handmade features, such as complete .925 Sterling Silver,
French pointed arms and drawn tone holes. The Sterling Silver keys are exceptionally nimble and swift when coupled with Pearl's Pinless mechanism and One-Piece Core-Bar. The Cantabile is a superb entry into the world of handmade flutes.

The Maesta CD958RBE Features:
  • Cantabile .958 siler headjoint, body and footjoint
  • .925 silver mechanism
  • .925 silver headjoint with 14k gold riser
  • B Foot with Spilt E
  • Open Hole
NZ $9,599.00
incl GST

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