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Pearl 795RBE-VGR Vigore Flute

This flute is exceptionally unique as it brings elements of handmade professional flutes into the mid-range price. The 795RBE-VGR features a 3K gold lip-plate for a richer, darker sound. .925 Silver headjoint, body & foot with silver-plated keys. Open hole, split E, B foot, C# trill key, D# roller. 1 Year W

Ask in-store about our Rocksure Performance Warranty Warranty.


NZ $4,895.00
incl GST

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Muramatsu GXIII RBE Flute

Muramatsu GXIII RBE Flute

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Pearl 695RBE Dolce Flute

Pearl 695RBE Dolce Flute

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incl GST
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