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Sankyo HJ925 ST2 Flute Headjoint

The headjoint and embouchure hole are considered the most important parts of the flute since they enable the flutist to produce and control the sound.

With Sankyo Flute headjoints, both the edges of the embouchure hole and the lip plate height have been designed to allow the player a larger and richer variety of tones. 

The ST-2 headjoint is designed to produce a rich breadth of tone colour and ease of control combined with a well-balance resonance between all registers. 

If you have been playing on a student flute and are ready to step your playing up to the next level, try a Sankyo silver headjoint with your flute and feel and hear the difference it makes.

KBB Music offers complimentary headjoint fitting with purchase of any Sankyo flute headjoint.

NZ $995.00
incl GST
Special - One Only!
RRPNZ $1,495.00
NOW!NZ $995.00
SAVENZ $500.00

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