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Jazzlab Mouthpiece Silencer

SILENCER: mouthpiece mute for saxophone and clarinet

No more bother with the neighbours
Practice as quietly as a whisper, at home or on the go

Mouthpiece exercises for saxophone and clarinet are one of the best methods to continually improve your sound. Embouchure, breathing and articulation can also be optimally trained.

In practice, however, there is one grave disadvantage: the sound of the mouthpiece is loud and piercing – so trouble with the neighbours is pre-programmed! The silencer provides a solution for this. It considerably reduces the sound level. You can practice anywhere at any time of day and night and the sound will be as quiet as a whisper!

Five minutes a day is enough, especially when you combine mouthpiece exercises with harmonic and long tone exercises. You will soon realise the noticeable improvement in your sound. You will train your ears and learn to control the pitch with precision. You will train your ears and learn to exactly control the pitch. Suddenly, the high notes (altissimo), vibrato, bending and other special effects will cause no more problems for you.

silencer is NAMM-2012 (National Association of Music Merchants, USA) award winner as “Best Tools for Schools”

Included in delivery:
- silencer with couplings for bari sax, tenor sax, alto sax, soprano sax, clarinet 1 and clarinet 2
- handbook with exact instructions and practice exercises
- DVD with introduction and 40 minutes educational video

Silencer box dimensions: 130x40x147 mm. Weight of 1 unit including packaging: 220 gr.

NZ $105.00
incl GST

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