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Legere Classic Alto Saxophone Reed (Single)

Légère produces premium synthetic clarinet reeds, saxophone reeds, and bassoon reeds.  They are used by players in the world's most prestigious orchestras, including both the Berlin and Vienna Philharmonic Orchestras, as well as top session and pit pros in London, New York and Los Angeles.  Légère Reeds produce a warm, rich sound the same as your best cane reed, but have all the advantages of a synthetic:
  • instant response right out of the box, no pre-moistening needed
  • consistent and reliable
  • unaffected by any weather - humid or dry; hot or cold
  • tough, durable and long lasting - one lasts for months, not days
  • cost effective
This Classical style reed is made from hard material and is designed to produce a darker sound. They have a thicker tip than our other Saxophone reed cuts and are typically preferred by more advanced players. If you prefer a stiffer reed for your Traditional or Classical set-up then this is the cut for you.
NZ $43.99
incl GST


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