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Rampone & Cazzani R1 Jazz Altello Saxophone

Rampone & Cazzani's alto saxophone made with vintage bare brass.

Lovingly handcrafted and engraved, the saxophone features:

* Rampone's big bore geometry

* Hand-hammered neck, body, bow and bell

* Unlacquered finish to free the harmonics

* Light keyword action

* Range from low Bb to high F#

* Elaborate engraving

* Deluxe shaped case

* Handmade in Italy

* 1 Year Warranty

Ask in-store about our Rocksure Performance Warranty

Started by founders Egidio Forni and his uncle Francesco Bonaventura Rampone in the early 1800s, Rampone & Cazzani was one of the first families to make saxophones when it was first invented the mid 1850s. The tradition of hand-making fine instruments have been handed down through generations to Rampone & Cazzani of today. 

The company has been run according to the tenets of fine craftsmanship by the Zolla family, descendants of the Rampone family since 1990, and is based in the village of Quarna Sotto, birthplace of the original founder. 

With a mission to create handcrafted professional caliber saxophones with a complex, distinctive and shapable sonic character, the artisans at Rampone & Cazzani are stimulated by their creativity, research on precious primary materials and attention to detail.

Today, Rampone & Cazzani make a wide range of saxophones from Sopranino to Baritones, to some of their very distinctive and unique designs evident in their longneck Tenors and Baritones and in the Saxello, Altello and Saxellino range.

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NZ $7,965.00
incl GST

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