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Jupiter JTS1187 Tenor Saxophone

The Jupiter JTS-1187 combine classic, hand crafted designs with 21st Century technology to produce instruments of exceptional sonic quality and beauty.  From the specially treated "Sona-Pure" necks to the meticulosly crafted hand-formed bells, the saxophones are exceptional performers and a great addition to any musician's instrument collection.   

The JTS-1187 Features:
  • Patented adjustable palm keys for better playing comfort
  • Patented adjustable screw seesaw mechanism for improved articulation
  • Patented G key and rocker octave key adjusting mechanisms for easier regulation
  • "Sona-Pure" brass neck for a full tonal pressence
  • Blued steel and phosphor bronze springs provide excellent key response
  • Adjustable thumb hook and key guard felts
  • BG Saxophone strap
  • Classic black leather B series wood frame case
  • Gold Lacquer finish
  • Appearance detail: natural shell keys and engraving orchid on the bell
NZ $3,699.00
incl GST

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