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Schilke S32-HD Bb Trumpet

Bore: ML -.460" (11.68 mm)
Bell: ML – 5" (127.00 mm) Yellow Brass Bell with #2 taper
One of our most popular Bb models, the S32 is ideal for the player that desires an instrument designed for the classical musician that offers an ease of response but slightly more resistance than the B1 or B5 models. The S32 products a full, rich center of sound which is ideal for orchestral, chamber and solo performers.

Retaining the same response and excellent intonation that is characteristic of the “B” and “X” series models, the "S" series play with a compact, focused, resonate center to the sound. Distinguished by the bell construction, bracing, and different mouth pipe and tuning slide design, the “S” series instruments emphasize the sound core and are ideal for both classical and commercial performance. All “S” series trumpet models share the same bell, which is referred to as a ML bell or a #2 bell. The bell has the same taper as the bell used on the B5 but utilize a yellow brass bell with a soldered bell bead. This feature helps with the sound focus and emphasizes the resonant core of the sound at the louder dynamic levels. The “S” series Main Tuning Slide has a semi-square shaped bow with a brace providing additional resistance and sound focus rather than the rounded “brace-less” slide on the “B” and “X” series models.

Backed up by Schilke's Lifetime Warranty. Ask us about a no-obligation trial.
NZ $5,295.00
incl GST

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