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NS Design NXT4 Electric Cello

The NS Design NXT Series Cello opens up a new horizon for the serious cellist looking to play a great instrument on a limited budget.  Pizzicato and arco techniques have almost unlimited expressive potential, thanks to the 'Polar' Pickup System, with a convenient switch allowing selection of the traditional arco mode for percussive attached and dynamic bowed response, or pizzicato mode for a smooth, sustained tone, all without cumbersome batteries.  The NXT cello also incoporates NS Design's innovative JackPot potentiometre in its volume and tone controls resulting in a fuller, richer tone, with more power, detail, and overall intensity.
Wolf tones - a major concern for acoustic cellists - do not occur on the electric instrument. Similarly, in amplified performance settings, the NXT Cello will not feed back, even at high volume.

The NX Design NXT Cello features:

* Solid Maple Body and Neck
* Graduated Ebony Fingerboard
* Single Action Truss Rod
* Polar Directional Piezo Pickup System that responds selectively to lateral string vibration (for bowing and percussive plucked response), or to vertical string vibration for remarkably even and sustained plucked sound more like a guitar.
* Interchangeable Support Systems - a fully adjustable tripod stand can be used seated or standing.
* Gig Bag with handle and shoulder strap
NZ $2,699.00
incl GST

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