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Our Story

KBB Music is the biggest Brass, Orchestral and Kawai Piano Selection Centre of it’s kind in New Zealand with 16 retail stores nationwide

KBB Music continues to expand not only in its reach through its outlets in New Zealand but also with its commitment to providing the world’s best brands of Brass and Orchestral instruments as well as a Kawai Piano Selection centre based in its Epsom showroom. KBB Music has been a market leader since its establishment in 1888, when it was first known as Kirk-Burnnand and Brown Music.

KBB Music is known for its professional instrument specialists offering a very high standard of service, the largest range of world renowned brands. Supporting its customers by providing the most professional instrument service, repair and assessment team in the country as well as providing a Music Education Team that works hand in hand with community groups and teachers with their queries and providing solutions that best fit their specialist musical needs.  KBB Music also recognise the importance of giving students, local artists and educators the opportunity to perform and be their best through partnerships such as the KBB Music Festival, Chamber Music New Zealand and the Auckland Philharmonia Orchestra.

KBB Music continues to be NZ market leader with a rich heritage in the New Zealand music industry providing a high standard of service to its customers, the largest range of world renowned brands, professional repairs and servicing, and a professional Music Education Team that works alongside music educators providing solutions that best fit their specialist needs as well as a commitment to the New Zealand music community since 1888.

A Rich Heritage in New Zealand Music

Kirk Burnnand and Brown LTD Ad

In 1888, Mr Kirk-Burnnand and Mr Brown founded Kirk-Burrnand and Brown Music on the 2nd floor of the Plaza Building on Queen Street – the same year that Tchaikovsky premiered his 5th Symphony in E minor Op 64 at the Mariinsky Theatre in St Petersburg. 

Kirk Burnnand and Brown Instrument Catalogue Introduction

Kirk-Burnnand & Brown started with the same values that we still hold today:

"It is with both extreme pride and humble gratitude that we present the World's finest Music Instruments and Accessories. As musicians we have had background of professional playing experience to guide us and with these qualifications we offer you instruments with accurate scale, true intonation, ease of control, mechanically dependable and a jewel-like finish. Our service is always prompt. The smallest order receives the same painstaking consideration as the largest one"

Excerpt from original Kirk-Burnnand and Brown's Instrument Catalogue.

The Burnnand Dynasty has a rich history in New Zealand music. Mr Kirk-Burnnand was selected to direct the Dunedin Philharmonic Society whilst its Director in residence was away on an extended tour abroad in 1928 and was also made pianist of the Royal Dunedin Male Choir. The Burnnand family boasts of 60 years of conductor-ships through three generations – Mr T. A. Burnnand conducted the Auckland Artillery Band for nearly sixty years and was a household name in Auckland. Mr Balllantine Burnnad conducted the Burnnand's professional Orchestra and Concert Band and was father to Mr T. J. Kirk-Burnnand who was Hon. Acting Conductor of the Dunedin Philharmonic Society as mentioned above and also the conductor of the Kaikorai Band in Dunedin.

Mr T A Burnnand restored Mr Ballantine Burnnand T J Kirk Burnnand
Mr T. A. Burnnand was the conductor of the Auckland Artillery Band for nearly sixty years.
Mr Ballantine Burnnand was Conductor of Burnnand's professional Orchestra and Concert Band. 
Mr T. J. Kirk-Burnnand was Hon. Acting Conductor, Dunedin Philharmonic Society, and conductor Kaikorai Band, Dunedin.

During the war years, brass and woodwind instruments were very popular, espically through the Big Band Era. The store catered to the Big Band sound, and some of the biggest names in the New Zealand Big Band scene were its customers.  In 1927 the year Duke Ellington opened at the Cotton Club in Harlem Mr Baden Brown (Mr Brown's son) began his music instrument repairing career working in the business. Three years later the first and only Completed Saxophone Band Performed in the Auckland Town Hall. In 1954 the New Zealand Opera Group has their first opening night and three years later in 1956 Mr Baden Brown and Mr Ted Healey went into partnership running the business untill Mr Brown's ill-health forced him to retire in the late 1970's.  

Mr Healey continued to operate the business and sold it to Des and Juline Long in 1982. Not long after that the business moved to Landmark House on Queen Street. A year later in October 1983 Michael Austin joined the business as a repair technician after studing in England and graduating with distinction from the the Merton Technical College where for three years Michael learnt the trade specialising for two years in repairing brass and stringed instruments and one year on woodwind.

In 1984, Poi E went to number one on the NZ charts for 4 weeks; Andrew Lloyd Webber & Richard Stilgoe's "Starlight Express" premiered; and, Kirk-Burnnand & Brown moved to High Street where in 1987 Mr Alan Kemp purchased the business. The late 80's and 90's saw some big names like Wynton Marsalis, Nat Adderley, Ritchie Cole and James Morrison stop by the store when they were in town. Also, in 1989, Kirk-Burnnand and Brown starting its long partnership sponsoring the Auckland Secondary Schools Band & Orchestra Festival.

Wynton Wynton Nathan
 Wynton Marsalis performing live, 02/1990.
 Wynton Marsalis with a young Nathan Haines

In 1990, the first Three Tenors concert, featuring Placido Domingo, jose Carreras and Luciano Pavarotti, premiered at Baths of Caracalla in Rome. In 1992, Kirk-Burrannd and Brown Music moved to 157 Manukau Road in Epsom, and in 2003, the name was shortened to KBB Music Ltd.

KBB Music Ltd 157 Manukau Road in Epsom – May 1992

In 2010, Webb Group Ltd was looking to expand its domination in the New Zealand market, which it had built through its Rockshop stores, and purchased KBB Music. Then, began the rapid expansion of KBB Music branches throughout New Zealand.

2011 – The first KBB Music opened within the Botany Rockshop, starting the store within a store concept. In September of that year, KBB Music K'Road opened, boasting a full Kawai Piano Showroom. 

2012 – KBB Music Wellington then opened within the Wellington Rockshop along with KBB Music Hamilton. KBB Music Takapuna opened alongside the Northshore Rockshop and KBB Music Christchurch opened. In September of 2012, KBB Music Epsom and K'Road combined into one Mega Store where KBB Music Epsom is currently situated. 

2013KBB Music/Rockshop Albany opened its doors and in May of that year KBB Music Christchurch relocated to its current location right beside the Hornby Rockshop. In June a small KBB musc Outlet also opened in the Nelson Rockshop in the South Island.

2014KBB Music Takapuna moved to within the Rockshop Takapuna.

2015KBB Music/Rockshop Northwest opened its doors.

2016KBB Music Napier opened within the Napier Rockshop

2017 – A small outlet store, much like the Nelson KBB Music, opened within the Lower Hutt Rockshop.

From small beginings in 1888 to now over 10 Stores nationwide, KBB Music still holds dear to this day the values that were held in high regard by its founders, Mr Kirk-Burrannd and Mr Brown:

"Dear Friends

When one is considering the purchase of a Musical Instrument there are several things to be considered.  The construction of the instrument, quality of key work, pistons and finish, tonal quality and intonation.  After all these facts are determined then it is wise to compare instruments of the like price classification.  Check the various characteristics of each against the other to determine which is the better designed and constructed and which will evidently give the best performance.

We have every reason to believe that our exclusive list of world famous music instruments are without comparison in their respective price range and we sincerly invite your inspection in order to test their superiority.  

Our policy is to give the customer the benefit of every possible saving, plus our guarantee and service.

We are in business to serve you."