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Warwick Music Online Festival

Events Warwick Music Online Festival

  • 2020 03 23 GT Warwick Music Online Festival

30th June 2020 International Print this page Email a friend

Warwick Music Online Festival

A message from our friends Steve & Kate at Warwick Music Group:

"This week, our eldest daughter Isabel was due to take her Grade 2 clarinet exam. Like so many other things, it was cancelled because of the Coronavirus. As parents, we have worked hard to support her practice, taken her to music lessons, and rehearsals with her accompanist. Her disappointment was palpable. It is hard for adults to understand what is happening, let alone children.

So, working with our amazing team at Warwick Music Group – filled with teachers and parents – we came up with the idea for an online music festival. An opportunity for Isabel, and as many other children and amateurs who wish, to perform whatever piece or pieces they have been working on – maybe something from your graded music exam, maybe something you were going to play at an end of term concert with your band, maybe something from your school recital. We don’t mind what you play – just that you enjoy making music and know that your hard work will be listened to, appreciated and recognised.

We promise that every entry we get, wherever in the world, we will watch every video, write a few comments from one of our experts and send you an official certificate to recognise your musical achievement. No winners or losers, just making music fun!

Please read the rules below and submit your entry by email before 30th June 2020 - more details below.

Good luck!"

Festival Rules

  • The festival is open to any person, of any age, and of any standard
  • You may only submit one recording per person
  • Warwick Music Group prefer video recordings from mobile phones in a single recording; no Hollywood blockbuster editing required
  • Each entrant should perform a minimum of one piece of music (or improvisation) on a musical instrument
  • Videos should not exceed 5 minutes in length but there is no minimum length!
  • If your piece is supposed to have a piano accompaniment then feel free to just play the solo part on its own
  • If your piece is a part of a larger ensemble (e.g. the trumpet line for a beginner band piece) that’s also fine to play on its own
  • Warwick Music Group will only accept duets, trios, quartets, etc from the same family – no breaking the social distancing rules, please!
  • There is no entry fee
  • To enter simply email your entry to by 30th June 2020
  • In the email please include:
    • The full name of the performer
    • Their age
    • The full postal address to receive their certificate
    • The video attachment of their performance
  • At the start of the video recording, please state your first name only and age at the start of the video and the name of the piece you are performing
  • There will be no financial prize or reward, only an official certificate which will be emailed or posted (in the UK) to you
  • Each entry will receive some short feedback from one of Warwick Music Group's expert team about their performance via email
  • All staff at Warwick Music have valid DBS certificates
  • Warwick Music Group will not share your recording without first receiving your permission (or a parent or guardian’s permission)
  • Warwick Music Group will not share your personal details with anyone
  • GDPR: once the festival has closed Warwick Music Group will delete all personal information and video files

Advice for emailing large files

Warwick Music Group's email address can accept files up to 150 Mb

If you are emailing from an Apple iOS device using the Mail app then please select their ‘Maildrop’ feature for sending your video attachment

Free file transfer by WeTransfer of up to 20 Gb

You can also share you file using various free file storage systems such as Google DriveiCloud DriveDropbox, etc.


Festival Rules and Entry