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AYO Monnig Bassoon Restoration

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18th July 2016 KBB Music Epsom, 377 Manukau Rd, Epsom, Auckland Print this page Email a friend

AYO Monnig Bassoon Restoration

Check out Jenny our Instrument Technicians latest work - restoration of the AYO's Monnig bassoon. The Bassoon was used for a while, then it got put into storage, not to be seen or heard for many moons. We received the Bassoon about a year ago with some other instruments for their initial repair assessments. Jenny then helped with the paperwork side of applying for a grant to pay for the repairs, which they were eventually awarded!

All of the jobs were big, but the bassoon job was by far the biggest. It was quite daunting to even approach, and was saved for the last of their instruments to be worked on. This is one of those jobs that could easily go terribly wrong very quickly. The whole job was over 52 hours of hands on work spread over about 3 weeks, not including research, admin, and leg work to gather tools and parts. The varnish itself was donated. In the end the bassoon looks and sounds beautiful. When the AYO came to pick up the bassoon, we showed her the photos and talked her through everything we had done. They said Gordon Skinner (former NZSO bassoonist) was eager to inspect it! The make it or break it moment! Below are some comments that we received from the AYO - 

"…thank you for the splendid job you did with restoring our old Monnig bassoon. Gordon Skinner (ex-NZSO/Sydney Symphony) came round and had a look at the instrument last week and he was extremely impressed with the job you have done - particularly the evenness of the recolouring and the varnish - first rate he thought.

He gave the instrument a good play and was also impressed with the pads sealing well. He liked the way the instrument played and sounded - and was also interested to try the Fox bocals which he found made the higher notes much easier to play on his own instrument as well as on our one."