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CITES New Rosewood & African Blackwood Regulations

Instrument Talk CITES New Rosewood & African Blackwood Regulations

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CITES New Rosewood & African Blackwood Regulations

What You Need To Know and How These New Regulations Affect You

What is CITES?
CITES (the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora) is an international agreement between governments. Its aim is to ensure that international trade in specimens of wild animals and plants does not threaten their survival.

As of January 2nd 2017, all of the near 250 species of Rosewood (Dalbergia Genus - including Cocobolo and Bubinga) and African Blackwood (Dalbergia Melanoxylon – known as African Blackwood, Grenadilla or Ebony) were added to Appendix II of the endangered list. Which means this species needs to be very tightly controlled to avoid oversupply and possible extinction in the future.

Rosewood is a very common wood used in the production of most fretted instruments as well as tuned percussion instruments. African Blackwood is commonly used in the production of woodwind instruments. In short – if you produce, export, import or sell any product containing Rosewood or African Blackwood you now need to apply for special permits to do so. These permits take a lot of time to obtain, plus incur hefty costs in both permit fees and administration. These fixed costs are incurred irrespective if the shipment is for 100 instruments, or simply for a ‘single instrument’ made with this material.

What this means for you the consumer?
It is now very unlikely that overseas retailers will be willing, or even able to sell instruments containing Rosewood or African Blackwood internationally. And if they do, there will be added CITES costs passed on to the consumer of up to $300 NZ.
The risk is solely on the buyer if it gets stopped at customs without permit – it will be held indefinitely, returned to sender, or destroyed.
In the long term, costs and retail prices of all products containing rosewood & African Blackwood are likely to increase.

Our Commitment to you?
Any necessary increases in the retail prices of products containing Rosewood or African Blackwood will be kept to a minimum, if at all.

KBB Music Customers can have full confidence that when buying an instrument containing Rosewood or African Blackwood from any KBB Music it will be compliant with international CITES regulations, was harvested ethically and sustainably, and is 100% permitted for sale within New Zealand. You may take your instrument with you when you travel overseas without need for a permit.

A Rosewood or African Blackwood instrument when purchased locally from KBB Music will for now and for always be the most Ethical, Sustainable, and Absolute Best Value Purchase in the world.