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Kawai K300 ATX2 Anytime Piano

Instrument Talk Kawai K300 ATX2 Anytime Piano

  • 2017 07 12 Kawai ATX 23

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Kawai K300 ATX2 Anytime Piano

There are times when a player needs the touch of a fine piano without the tone. When the baby is sleeping, children are studying, people are sharing the room, or neighbours need quiet, you want an instrument that offers the natural touch of an acoustic piano, but sound that only you can hear. The solution has arrived! The Kawai AnyTime Piano – the piano you can play anytime and anywhere without disturbing anyone.

Perfect for:
– Players who want the touch of an acoustic piano with the privacy of headphones. 
– Late night or early morning practice without disturbing family or neighbours.
– Apartment living where piano practice is restricted to specific hours of the day.
– Homes where the piano must share space with computers and other media devices.

Source: Kawai