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The New 5.0 Oct. Concert Marimba

Instrument Talk The New 5.0 Oct. Concert Marimba

  • 2018 02 01 Majestic M850H GT Hero

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The New 5.0 Oct. Concert Marimba

Introducing the NEW Majestic M850H from the Reflection Series. The Majestic Reflection Series Marimba not only fulfills the typical needs of performing professionals, but EXCEEDS EXPECTATIONS through unprecedented innovation.

Professional Player Requirements:

- Consistently high quality of sound
- Comfortable interval spacing
- Low range resonator fine tuning Solid and durable structure
- Ability to adjust playing height
- Easy to assemble, disassemble and transport

Beyond Professional Players Expectation:

- High mobility
- Visual impact on stage
- Single side height adjustment
- Unprecedented player feel
- Easy one person assembly

Features & Benefits:

Collaborating with internationally renowned percussionists, Majestic has created an instrument that is perfect in both form and function, pushing the envelope of marimba design to provide performers with a superior instrument and playing experience.

Majestic New ReflectionConcertMarimba 1. Optimised Bar Geometry with Free – Floating Bar Posts
- Moderate bar widths provide comfortable interval spacing that results in tonal balance and sensitivity. - Free-floating bar posts with resonance isolation enhance sustain, eliminate frame noise and provide tonal clarity. - With a more flexible core, the bar posts absorb shock to improve feel and enhance rebound.
Majestic New ReflectionConcertMarimba2 2. Rack on Truss System with Modular Frame Design - Central truss supports individual resonator sections and bar racks, revolutionising instrument set-up. - Facilitates easy passage through 30” doorways. - Lightweight aluminium design reduces instrument weight for ease of transport.
Majestic New ReflectionConcertMarimba3Majestic New ReflectionConcertMarimba3.2 3. “Uni-Lift” Single- Side Height Adjustment:
- Optimised gear ratio enables smooth adjustment to conserve player energy. - Transmission shaft enables full instrument height to be adjusted by one person with a single lever. - Automatic folding function protects the handle.
Majestic New ReflectionConcertMarimba44.2 4. Innovative Resonator Design:
- Syringe-inspired tuning system ensures an air-tight seal and allows for quick, easy adjustment to environment. - Three octave tunability (C2 - C5) provides tonal optimisation over a wide range. - Modern aesthetic reflects the dynamics of contemporary repertoire.

 COMING SOON! Contact us if you have any questions or would like to order one now!