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pTrumpet hyTech

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  • 2018 02 02 pTrumpet hyTech GT Hero

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pTrumpet hyTech

PTRUMPET HYTECH is the cutting edge of trumpet innovation. Utilising our years of plastic manufacture experience alongside the very latest brass instrument manufacturing techniques, we have crafted a unique trumpet catered for both rental and retail environments. At only 650g ( 1 .4 lbs), this lightweight Bb Trumpet incorporates traditional stainless-steel pistons inside a yellow brass valve block to ensure the tightest tolerances. The leadpipe, bell, bell-bow and tuning slides have been individually shaped to deliver a free-blowing feel and advanced performance standard. Supplied with a brass 7C mouthpieces (to CITIES standards) and padded gig bag. Square box case is also available for rental version.


- Bb Hybrid trumpet
- ABS Main Body Construction
- 11.65mm Bore (.459dz)
- 128mm Bell (Sdz)
- Patented Hybrid leadpipe design
- Brass Mouthpiece Receiver
- Accepts any regular metal mouthpiece
- Top Sprung Valves with ABS guides
- Precision Milled 304 Stainless Steel Sleeved Pistons with ABS Core
- ABS Valve Block with Yellow Brass Sleeves
- Adjustable 1st and 3rd Valve Slides
- 1st and 3rd Valve Slide Stop
- 1st & 3rd Slide Trigger Rings
- Removable 2nd Valve Slide
- Plated Steel Water Keys with Silicon Seals (Main Tuning Slide+ 3rd Valve Slide)
- Aluminium Top & Bottom Valve Caps
- Aluminium Valve Stems
- Contoured Aluminium Finger Buttons
- 7C Silver Plated Brass Mouthpiece
- Quality Padded Gig Bag or Square Box Case (Rental only)
- Available in Gold, Silver or Black

COMING SOON! CONTACT US if you would like to pre-order a pTrumpet hyTech, or have any questions!