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Levelling up with Taine Ngatai - NZ Music Month Feature

Instrument Talk Levelling up with Taine Ngatai - NZ Music Month Feature

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26th May 2021 Print this page Email a friend

Levelling up with Taine Ngatai - NZ Music Month Feature

New Zealand Music Month is an amazing annual event that celebrates local music and musicians. For KBB Music we see this as the perfect time to celebrate making music and encouraging Kiwis to take their musical talents to the next level!

In the spirit of levelling up your music, throughout this month we are also profiling the amazing staff of KBB Music. These are the incredible helpers you will meet at our stores who have also have vibrant musical backgrounds. Through the process of a quick-fire interview, we were interested in finding out how they levelled up their music journey and the instruments they recommend to budding Kiwi musicians.

Taine Ngatai

Meet Taine! This Auckland-based musician considers himself foremost a guitarist, but also enjoys singing, playing the keys and the bass. 

After giving up the piano in the early years of his career for the drums, he was converted to the guitar where he’s stayed for almost a decade!  

Taine has played with several original bands including ‘Flintwater Express’, ‘Hastilow’ and ‘Iron Viper’. He has also played with some of New Zealand’s leading musician including Jordan Luck and Mike Chunn. Currently, he plays with tribute bands filling in for other players who can’t make gigs and doing session guitar work in the studios. 

Taine is also in the process of recording his first solo album in his home studio. Watch this space! 

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Thinking back on your musical journey, what were the breakthrough moments that made you the musician you are today?

Hearing Slash play on ‘Appetite for Destruction’ is what kickstarted my passion for playing the guitar. Watching my older sisters friends come around and play music together drove me to become a skilled enough player to be able to sit in with them and keep up! 

Now thinking about your gear: what is the one instrument that you will never part with?

My absolute most cherished instrument is my Gibson Les Paul 50’s Standard Gold top. I have never played a guitar that sings like this one does. The sheer tone that emits from its solid body and the creamy overtones that ring like a bell throughout its everlasting sustain, is something I have never found and maybe will never find in another instrument.

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What instruments would you recommend to other keen guitarists?

For beginners: I suggest starting on the instrument shape and style that speaks to you the most! Whether it be an Epiphone Les Paul or Epiphone SG, or an ESP LTD Eclipse or ESP LTD M Series! The instrument you connect with most will make you pick up and play your instrument more often. 

For Intermediates: you can never go wrong with a PRS SE. These guitars have a fantastic build quality, sound incredible, play like butter and they look great too!

Although my Gibson Les Paul is my favourite guitar I also own American Fenders and PRS USA guitars too. Once you start looking at these guitars you already know what you want.

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Keen to chat with Tiane further? You can always find him at the KBB Music’s Epsom store in Auckland, where he will help you find the gear you need to level up your music. You can also keep up with his upcoming gigs on Instagram, and follow along on his musical journey towards releasing his first solo album. Go Taine!