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KBB Music 130th Anniversary Sale

News KBB Music 130th Anniversary Sale

  • 2018 04 19 KBB 130th Anniversary Sale GT Hero

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KBB Music

KBB Music 130th Anniversary Sale

KBB Music is celebrating its 130th birthday this May. KBB Music — established in 1888 — offers 130 years of experience in piano, print, brass and stringed instruments. KBB Music continues to be the NZ market leader with a rich heritage in the New Zealand music industry providing a high standard of service to its customers, the largest range of world renowned brands, professional repairs and servicing, and a professional Music Education Team that works alongside music educators providing solutions that best fit their specialist needs as well as a commitment to the New Zealand music community since 1888.

woodwind brass
orchestral strings pianos and keyboards
percussion tutorial



More about the history of KBB Music

Kirk Burnnand and Brown LTD Ad

Founded in 1888 by Mr Kirk Burnnand and Mr Brown, KBB Music started as boutique music store known as Kirk-Burnnand and Brown Music on the 2nd Floor of the Plaza Building on Queen Street. The store found its home in the New Zealand Music scene specialising in Brass and Woodwind instruments and repairs and has hosted some big names over the years like Wynton Marsalis, Nat Adderley, Ritchie Cole, James Morrison, Nathan Haines and Julian Bliss. In 2003 residing in Manukau Road in Epsom the then owner Mr Alan Kemp shorten the name to the one we all know today KBB Music.


KBB Music Ltd 157 Manukau Road in Epsom – May 1992

2010 brought another change in the ownership of KBB Music. It was purchased by Webb Group and since then has expanded in its product range to include a increased Brass and Woodwind range as well as in increased Orchestral String and Percussion product range and New Zealand’s Kawai Piano Distributor as well as 12 stores nationwide and a Team that work solely with Schools and Educators that still hold dear the values that were held in high regard by its founders, Mr Kirk-Burnnand and Mr Brown.

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