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News Saxophonist Wanted to Help Get Birds Breeding

  • 2019 02 05 Saxophonist Wanted GT

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Saxophonist Wanted to Help Get Birds Breeding

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The kākāpō is a species of flightless parrot native to New Zealand.

Unfortunately, they’re endangered. And with only 147 birds left, we want to help out with this year’s bumper breeding season.

Meridian are proud to support the Department of Conservation with innovations to renew the species, like state-of-the-art Smart Eggs that help the incubation process. Trouble is, Smart Eggs are only useful once breeding kicks off.

Now, it’s well-known that music gets people in the mood for love. So Meridian and the Department of Conservation are going to do the same for the kākāpō with the most romantic instrument in the world: the saxophone. That’s why they’re looking for a saxophonist to provide them with some saxy music that’ll get the kākāpō in the mood. We’re aware that the effect of saxophones on kākāpō might not yet be scientifically proven, but with only 147 birds left, we reckon it’s worth a punt.

The successful applicant will now hit the studio to professionally record a piece of music, receive a $1,000 Rockshop voucher, and earn the gratitude of a nation. They may even become a celebrity.