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Stolen Instruments

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Violin (#11)

Stolen from vehicle on Bel Air Drive, Hilsborough.

A full size, dark brown violin in a 'D' shaped black zip case. The case had the strap missing and the handle off it's hinge on one side. Wouldn't be carrying it like any normal case unless they repair it themselves.

The violin itself (and it hurts me to say this, although easier to differentiate) has the roman numeral VI engraved on either side of the violin and the wood is quite dense/expanse (can't think of the right word) in the middle.

It has a lot of sentimental value to both myself and my family, and is an important tool for my income.

If you see or hear of anything please contact me on 0272244320

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Added: 18 September 2017

Brand ?
Model ?
Colour Dark Brown
Serial Number ?
Date Stolen 16 September 2017
Location Auckland
Police File Number 170917/6896
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