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NZ Music Teachers Online

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NZ Music Teachers Online

NZ Music Teachers Online is NZ’s premier music teacher database, supporting and promoting music teachers throughout the country.

Browse the site via location, instrument or service to locate a talented and experienced music teacher and contact them directly to book lessons.

NZ Music Teachers Online has teacher listings in all the Rockshop store locations:

Hutt City
Palmerston North


Plus more on the site:

Are you a music teacher?

Join today and let NZ Music Teachers Online take care of the marketing so you can take care of the music!

• Your very own page on New Zealand's top ranking music teacher directory on Google (try searching for your instrument in your city!).
• Photos and videos of you on your page with a bold customisable banner
• Clear contact information so students can contact you directly
• Social media promotion on Facebook and Instagram
• Appear in search results for as many instruments or services you provide
• Student testimonials
• Login and manage your page yourself
• No referral fees! You make all the money from your lessons - as you should!

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NZ Music Teachers Online is part of the Global Music Teachers network with sites supporting musicians and music teachers in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, London and NYC.

Connect with NZ Music Teachers Online:

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