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The next level of e-drums from KAT®

With its expanded sound library and sophisticated new feature set, the KT4 is KAT Percussion's most advanced digital drum set to date. The KT4 is a 5-piece kit that features new high-end, professional quality drum and cymbal sounds percussion samples integrated into its built-in library of 780 sounds.

More "drummer appeal" than ever
KAT has taken its already proven technology, made numerous refinements and several major advancements that give the kt4 an ever greater "drum set feel" to satisfy the player who may have previously been hesitant about playing an electronic drum set.
For a natural feeling response and real bass drum punch, KAT has developed an all-new bass drum kick tower that features an 8-inch Bass Pad fitted with a Mylar® drumhead, perfect for single or double pedal players. The four rack mounted drums are KAT's ultra-responsive, 11-inch, dual-zone white drum pads. The kt4 can also be expanded to include one additional drum pad, making it a six-piece kit.

A better cymbal is here
The kt4 is the first KAT drum set to feature a real-time actuating, movable, three-zone, 12-inch hi-hat cymbal pad to give you more control over your sound than ever before. Included with the kt4 is the DW3500 Hi-Hat Stand from Drum Workshop. The kit's two choke-able 12-inch crash cymbals and extra-large 14-inch ride cymbal also have three programmable zones-bell, bow and edge for more robust and realistic playing.


Sound Module
- 780 studio-grade drum, cymbal, DJ, EFX and percussion sounds
- 99 total drum kits, including 55 pre-programmed kits and 44 user-programmable drum sets
- Fully programmable voice controls, including panning, individual pitch adjustment, reverb, decay, pad sensitivity control, curves, individual voice volume, midi note assignment, four-band EQ and more
- Integrated sequencer and tempo adjustment for recording
- 142 built-in play along tracks
- Integrated 7-track sequencer for recording
- Built-in Click Track
- Touch button panel for editing and reviewing sounds without striking kit pads
- Programmable 30-60 minute auto-power shutoff
- Built-in general MIDI sound card produces high-quality play-along tracks

- USB 3.0 compatible and MIDI input/output for recording and playback with computer software on PC or Mac
- 1/8-inch audio input jack to connect a CD player, MP3 player, smartphone or tablet
- Two (2) 1/4-inch output jacks plug into a PA system or console for studio recording or live performances
- 1/4-inch stereo output jack for headphones or in-ear monitors
- Input expansion jack for additional drum pad (pad pack sold separately)
- SD card slot for loading MIDI files and backing up custom user kits

Advanced Drum Pads and Cymbals
- Five-piece kit with 11-inch white, dual zone drum pads
- Ultra-sensitive pads for natural dynamic tracking
- Extremely quiet pads and cymbals with a natural stick rebound and feel
- Double pedal compatible kick tower with 8-inch non-slip bass drum kick tower with white Mylar® drum head
- Three fully-adjustable hideaway cymbal boom arms for flexible cymbal positioning
- Hi-hat, crash and ride cymbal pads feature three independently-programmable playable zones (bell, bow and edge)
- Silent Strike bass drum beater included for ultra-quiet playing

Easy Set-Up
- Stylish and stable curved chrome rack with heavy-duty clamps for secure and precise pad positioning
- Pre-positioned rack clamps allow quick and easy setup
- Pre-labeled, one-piece cable harness
- Velcro® ties keep cables neat and organized
- 16-inch floor L-rod tom arm offers a wide range of height adjustment
- Non-slip spurs and Velcro® grip keep the bass drum kick tower in place


Kit Configuration
       Snare: 11" Dual zone pad
       Tom1 - Tom3: 11" Dual zone pad
       Opt - Tom4: 9" or 11" Dual zone pad - Sold Separately
       Bass Drum: 8" Single zone mylar headed pad mounted onto tower support structure
       Crash1 & 2: 12" Three zone cymbal w/choke
       Ride: 14" Three zone cymbal w/ choke
       Hi-Hat: 12" Three zone cymbal + Actuating Sensor

Tone Generator
       Maximum Polyphony: 64
       Drum Kits: 99 (55 preset kits + 44 user kits)
       General MIDI Kits: 9 GM Kits
       Drum Instruments: 780 (Drums, Percussion, SFX) 18 Hi-Hat Combos
       Effects: Plate, Small, Medium, Large, Hall 1, Hall 2, Delay x2, 4-Band Equalizer

       9 Trigger Input Jack, Headphone Jack (1/4" stereo), Aux. In jack (1/8" stereo), 2 External Trigger Input Jack, (1/4", Tom4, Crash2),
Output (1/4", L/Mono, R), USB 3.0 compatible, MIDI In, MIDI Out

Control Buttons
       Power On/Off
       Page +/ -
       Part Mute
       Save/ Enter
       Tempo +/-
       12 Pad Select Buttons

       Preset Pattern: 142
       User Song 100
       7-Part Sequencer Part 1 - Drums, Part 2 - Percussion
       Part 3-7 User Selected GM Sounds
       Resolution 192 Ticks per quarter note
       Recording Method Real-time
       Maximum Note Storage: Approx. 84,000 notes
       Tempo: 30~280
       Display: Backlit Segment LCD

       SD Card: Save/ Load kit, song and user setting
       Play back MIDI song (maximum 16 tracks)
       Power Supply: DC 9V, 500mA

       - KT4 USB/MIDI Trigger Sound Module with rack mount bracket
       - 11-inch dual-zone snare pad
       - Three (3) 11-inch dual zone tom pads
       - Shock-absorbing, non-slip Bass Drum Kick Tower with 8-inch Pad with Mylar® head
       - Real-time continuous controller hi-hat actuator
       - Two (2) 12-inch, triple zone crash cymbals
       - 14-inch, triple zone ride cymbal
       - 12-inch, triple zone hi-hat cymbal
       - Three (3) boom cymbal arms
       - Drum Workshop® DW3500 Hi-Hat Stand
       - Curved chrome drum rack with heavy-duty black metal clamps
       - Silent Strike bass drum beater
       - Multi-pin cable harness
       - 8-foot stereo trigger cable for second crash cymbal connection
       - Pair of drumsticks
       - Drum key
       - Eight (8) Velcro® cable ties
       - SD Card included
       - Assembly instructions
       - Manual and Setup Guide included