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Go where no cable has gone before.

Much more than just digital wireless.
Featuring uncompromised sound quality, rugged reliability and an easy to use design, Relay® G70 guitar wireless systems offer capabilities that wired cables and traditional wireless systems can’t match. Enjoy pure guitar tone thanks to industry-leading audio specs and the lowest latency of any digital wireless system. Easily add transmitters and instantly switch between instruments—complete with programmable scenes. And you can connect with any standard 1/4” guitar cable—no special cables required.

Simple rock-solid performance.
No other guitar wireless system gives you more confidence onstage. The metal construction ensures that Relay G70 can withstand serious punishment. You’ll never be stranded with a dead system—the transmitters give you up to 8+ hours of battery life (up to 70 hours standby) using standard AA batteries. Colour-coded transmitters ensure visibility on stage. Plus, a built-in tuner and dedicated aux input let you plug straight in, freeing up pedalboard space. If you’ve thought about going wireless but never took the plunge, check out Relay G70.

Powerful flexibility for the stage.
Relay G70 includes innovative features that enable you to simplify your setup and focus on your performance. The transmitter features a standard 1/4” guitar input, so there’s no need for special cables or adaptors. Both systems include a 5V power supply, but they’re also compatible with 9V power for easy integration into your setup. Plus, a built-in tuner keeps every note sounding great and eliminates the need for an additional tuner pedal. Complete with programmable scenes for switching instruments, transmitters, routing, gain and Cable Tone, Relay G70 makes the perfect centrepiece for any guitar rig.

Make sure the show always goes on.
With Relay, you’ll never be left powerless because you forgot to charge your battery pack. Unlike other wireless systems that use built in proprietary batteries, you can power Relay G70 transmitters with AA batteries. Use rechargeables, or just pop in one of the garden-variety AA batteries available everywhere—either way, you’ll never be stranded on stage with a dead system. Plus, a built in accelerometer saves battery live by putting the transmitter to sleep when the guitar is hanging on a stand or in its case.

Take your guitar collection wireless.
Relay G70 supports multiple transmitters with one receiver, which greatly reduces cost and complexity in your setup (NOTE: additional transmitters sold separately). With multiple transmitters, you won't risk dropping your expensive guitar while futzing with a change. And programmable scene presets make it easy to set channels, levels, Cable Tone, footswitch colour, and output selection for different guitars and switch between them instantly. You can even set up unique signal chains to optimise the tone of violins, mandolins and more—perfect for multi-instrumentalists.

Complex signal routing. Made easy.
Featuring all the inputs and outputs you need, Relay G70 makes it easier and more efficient than ever to route your signal on stage—even with complex setups. A 1/4” aux input lets you plug in directly without re-patching pedals, while a premium balanced XLR output ensures consistent audio performance when going direct to the board or a modeller. And with two programmable 1/4” outs plus an XLR out, you can assign outputs for each instrument—easily route your Tele® to a POD, your Les Paul® to an amp and your acoustic to the XLR DI output.

A powerful system that’s remarkably easy to use.
Like all Line 6 digital wireless systems, Relay G70 is incredibly easy to set up. Simply choose any available channel and the transmitter and receiver lock together in under a second. Unlike analog wireless systems, there's no need for frequency coordination or other setup hassles. You can be confident that your Relay digital guitar wireless system will work hassle-free everywhere—from tours and local venues to church and school performances.

View essential information at a glance.
Relay G70 gives you instant access to the features you care about most—no more digging through menus to access essential functions. Unlike other wireless systems, you can instantly see which guitar and output is live—plus view remaining battery life—right on the home screen. With clear, easy-to-read visual displays, Relay guitar wireless makes it simple to switch channels on the go, breeze through setup and focus on your performance. No other wireless system offers a display like this.

It’s five pedals in one.
Relay G70 will change the way you think of using wireless on stage. With support for multiple transmitters, it’s now easier than ever to perform with multiple instruments. Unique preset scenes let you control signal routing, levels and more with the press of a footswitch. Quickly match presets and instruments using coloured rings on the transmitter and receiver. Keep multiple transmitters ready and seamlessly switch between instruments. And output routing gives you the flexibility to switch between different signal paths for different guitars.

Pure 24-bit audio.
Obviously, nothing is more important than your tone. We’ve been building guitar wireless longer than anyone, and only Relay delivers your tone without compression or compromise. Featuring wider frequency response, next-generation radio technology, and more dynamic range than other wireless systems, Relay ensures that your signal stays pure. You can perform knowing that G70 will sound just like a cable—maybe even better.

Experience accurate, crystal-clear sound.
Relay® is leading the digital wireless revolution for guitarists, with advanced technology that's generations ahead of the rest. Featuring compander-free 24-bit audio, full 10Hz-20kHz frequency response and a wide dynamic range of more than 120dB (A weighted), Relay also delivers the lowest latency of any digital wireless system—under 1.5ms. That’s the same latency you’d experience standing in front of your amp with a 2” guitar cable. Yes, Relay sounds and plays like a cable—maybe even better.

The sound of a cable. The freedom of wireless.
If you’re used to the way your tone sounds when you use a certain cable length, it will sound different when you use other wireless systems. Relay solves that problem with adjustable Cable Tone technology. Just select the right cable length setting, and you’ll experience the tone that you love and expect—with the freedom of wireless.

Experience new highs—and lows—with Relay.
Relay goes all the way down to an earth-shaking 10Hz—over an octave more bottom end than most wireless—to capture the full range of your bass. Our 24-bit front end is carefully engineered to handle a wide range of levels from your active or passive instrument. Plus, Relay is the only wireless receiver with a built-in DI—you don’t have to use the buzzy DI that’s built into your amp. With Relay on your hip, you'll enjoy the best bottom end in the business.

Take your performance further with Relay.
Whether you’re ten feet away or on the other side of the stage, Relay G70 delivers consistent and dependable guitar wireless signal quality. Unlike analog wireless systems, there's no risk of unwanted audio interference getting into your signal as you move further from the receiver. You can perform with full confidence, right up to the usable limits of your Relay system.

The most advanced digital wireless technology on earth.
Relay features the world’s most advanced guitar wireless technology, and delivers the lowest latency so you can perform without distracting delays. And since Relay systems operate in the 2.4GHz ISM band, you can use them license-free, worldwide.

Industry-leading innovation. Cutting-edge performance.
Relay® is the number one digital guitar wireless system—and for good reason. Since its debut, Line 6® digital wireless technology has racked up awards and proven that it offers superior audio quality and reliability compared to analog and other digital wireless technology. Line 6 digital wireless is the most highly developed in the market, and continues to set standards in simplicity and performance.

Unparalleled performance for touring musicians.
Our advanced 5th generation technology delivers the best reliability and sound quality to meet the needs of performing guitarists. A high-resolution pure digital radio captures your signal with four calibrated internal antennas, then immediately digitises the RF signal. Super-high-resolution digital processing with triple RF filtering, fully optimised in-band rejection, and improved near-far response ensures that Relay delivers powerful clear channel performance. The bottom line? We’ve taken care of every last engineering detail so you can concentrate on performing and forget about the tech.

The only wireless system that never squashes your signal.
Most digital wireless systems use compression to squeeze your signal into a smaller data bandwidth—not Line 6 Relay digital wireless. We’re committed to providing the purest possible signal quality—from input to output—so we never compromise your tone using compression. After all, why would you want your digital signal to experience the kind of signal loss caused by MP3-style compression? Line 6 provides the cleanest and most accurate transmission path of any product in its class.

Reliable guitar wireless you can trust.
In the past, analog wireless systems required you to change your setup from venue to venue depending on what TV stations were nearby. Relay operates in the 2.4GHz ISM band, so you can use the same channel almost anywhere without your signal dropping out. Plus, encoded DCL™ (Digital Channel Lock) technology prevents Relay from picking up signals from anything other than a Line 6 transmitter—you don’t have to worry about unexpected audio in your guitar signal. Relay even features an Omni-Diversity receiver with four internal calibrated antennas and dual receivers—ensuring coverage in every direction. Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with the most advanced, reliable digital wireless solution available.

Have Relay, will travel.
With analog wireless systems, you have to worry about a world of technical hassles before you can even get started. The amount of free UHF (analog) space is declining and remains subject to government restrictions. Relay eliminates those worries by operating in the 2.4GHz ISM band, which is dedicated for public use in every country worldwide—license-free. Simply pick a channel and start playing.


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