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VIP Portal

Welcome to the VIP Portal for KBB Music.
This portal is only available for Music Teachers, Educational Facilities and Houses of Worship.

This is a special portal which will allow you to view and order at VIP pricing on KBB Music's main site.

Sign up here to apply for VIP pricing.

If you already have an VIP Login from our old website, you can go ahead and log in here using those details.
Alternatively, select Login from the menu.

Step By Step Process for Applying for an VIP Login

1. Click "Apply for VIP Pricing" from the menu.

2. Fill in the "Apply For VIP Pricing" Form. If you have an existing "My KBB Music" login you can use it to sign in here, or otherwise create a new login. If you are already logged in, you will not need to enter these details.

3. Once the Application to View VIP Pricing has been approved, you will receive an email from our Webb Group Education / House of Worship team and you will be able to view these prices when logged in through My KBB Music. Prices will show with a green VIP price label.